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Top Box Foods is a non-profit organization with a simple purpose: to offer easily accessible, delicious, and healthy food at affordable prices.

Eat Smart, Shop Smart

Not just a box of groceries. Top Box Foods brings delicious and healthy groceries to food deserts throughout Chicagoland, at an average of half the cost of retail.

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We offer a great variety of groceries and meals to feed you and your family throughout the week, including:

  • Beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Frozen USDA-Choice beef, chicken, fish, pork, as well as frozen veggies.
  • Frozen, pre-cooked gourmet meals. Delicious, convenient, and terrific for calorie counters.

Place your order TODAY! All orders are due Monday, August 3.

Deliveries will be on
August 7, 8, 9 
depending on your location. 

Visit our store, to see our many wonderful offerings!

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