Why should I become a Top Box Foods Community Partner?

Organizations become Top Box Foods Community Partners because they see members in their community struggling to access the healthy, affordable food they need for themselves and their families. Our partnership is a way for a community organization to address food insecurity in their community and fundraise! For supporting their community's health and wellness by encouraing members to buy our boxes, we give 5% back to our Community Partners.

Our Goal in Atlanta

At Top Box Foods, it's all about community. 

We engage and empower neighborhood leaders, partners, and volunteers to join together to make healthy affordable food accessible to all. Take advantage of this great opportunity to make a difference for your community, your family, and your city, one forkful at a time.

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Does the selection of food boxes change?

You can expect the offerings in some of our boxes to change every few months because we are always looking for the best deals. We work hard to make sure that we have the foods you love every month, as well as new items to add variety. Each month we offer a special box of great value and limited supply. However, in order to keep costs low and your savings high, individual content changes cannot be made to any of the boxes.