Affordable Food For All


Top Box Foods is a community-based non-profit with a simple purpose: to make healthy food affordable and accessible to all.



Our Vision

Thriving communities built on equal access to healthy food.

Our Mission

In Louisiana, Top Box Foods engages with community partners and uses an innovative supply chain distribution model to make healthy food affordable and accessible for all.

Our Programs

The Makin' Groceries Program uses an innovative supply chain model to deliver healthy and affordable grocery boxes to neighborhoods throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge, especially those located in low-income/access areas. We build strategic partnerships with local community organizations and places of worship, establishing them as delivery sites where members and neighbors can pick up grocery boxes with products such as fresh fruits and vegetables along with frozen meats, fish, and poultry. 

The Healthy Corner Store Collaborative doubles as a business development and public health initiative. We work alongside corner store operators in areas with limited food access to increase the amount of fresh, healthy foods offered in-stores. Program components include produce distribution, technical assistance, capacity enhancement, marketing materials and nutrition education so that the produce offered is "Good 2 Go."  This program is brought to life in collaboration with Propeller Incubator, Liberty's Kitchen, and the City of New Orleans among other collaborators.

Our History

The story of Top Box Foods starts with its founders: Chris and Shelia Kennedy. Chris Kennedy, son of Ethel and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was taught early in life that a man should truly measure his worth on how he has served his community. Sheila Berner Kennedy, Chris’s wife and co-founder of Top Box Foods, was raised with similar values. Her mother dedicated skills and tenderness for 25 years as a social worker at Howard Area Community Center in Chicago, where there is now a building named in her honor. Chris and Sheila have worked tirelessly over the years on social justice issues. Both served on the board of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which Chris also chaired. Together they share the passion to improve the lives of others and help those who struggle to provide vital nutrition for their families.