St. Louis Ribs


Host a great backyard party with two 2.75 lbs. of delicious, seasoned, and uncooked St Louis pork ribs. (5.5lbs total). So meaty and tender, you will be coming back for more and more.


Nutrition Facts

  • Produced by Amity Packing
  • Packaged and distributed from Illinois 
  • Comes uncooked and frozen to preserve maxium quality 
  • Seasoned with: Rubbed with spices, cane sugar, sea salt, natural flavor, garlic, and onion powder

Cooking Instructions

Oven: Thaw rib; preheat oven to 350 degrees; place on cooking sheet, poke two holes in the top of the cooking bag, and cook 1 hour & 45 minutes; let cool 15 minutes in the bag & enjoy!