Link Match is a program designed to increase access to healthy foods by doubling your Link dollars and making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable.

When you shop with your Link Card, the dollars you spend are matched up to $15 per order. That Link Match Money can be redeemed for free fruits and vegetables!

At checkout, you choose if you'd like to either:

  • Add On: Get your free box of fresh fruits and vegetables on delivery day with your current order


  • Save For Later: On delivery day when you receive your current order, you'll get a physical card (called a Healthy Ways Card) with your Link Match Money loaded on. You can spend the money on your Healthy Ways Card for a future order of fresh fruits and vegetables


Either way, you get the order you've placed and pay with your Link Card as usual, plus a bonus! You just choose if you'd like your free fruits and vegetables now or later.

Note: Link Match Money can only be used for purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eligible boxes are: Fruit Box, Vegetable Box, Produce Variety Combo, or Personal Produce Essentials.

Region or Service Organization: 
Northern Illinois