Growing Local NOLA Garden Box


Organized by our partners at Recirculating Farms Coalition, this affordable $16 bag offers a combination of local vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and more - sourced from RFC’s Growing Local farms in Central City, and various farmers in the Greater New Orleans area! This bag includes "lagniappe" - a little extra something - each week, like: honey, jam, pickles, dried spices, flowers and other fun items!

If you are a repeat customer and have extra blue bags, jars and rubber bands from your previous order of a Growing Local bag - we are now re-collecting these items during our Friday deliveries! If you'd like to recycle, please leave these items out where you usually receive bag deliveries and we'll scoop them up the next time we deliver a bag to you! 

Note: If the button below says “out of stock” or “product not available”, we have filled our capacity for the week. Please check back to order for the following week!

Delivery: Please note that any other items ordered from Top Box, in addition to this item, will also be delivered that day.