Crescent City Farmers Market Box


Available for Market Match

The Crescent City Farmers Market and ReFresh Market are joining forces to bring the farmers market to you with this special box!

NOTE: If button below says "out of stock" or "product not available," we are out of stock. Try ordering early Tuesday or Friday.

  • Slicing tomatoes - Tomott’s Cajun Growers
  • Cherry Tomatoes - Tomott’s Cajun Growers
  • Strawberries x2 - Mendez Farm
  • Collards - Indian Springs farmers association
  • Pesto - Our Family Farm
  • Lettuce head - Our Family Farm
  • Kohlrabi - Perilloux Produce
  • Green onion - Perilloux Produce
  • Parsley - Perilloux Produce
  • Almond financier and chocolate chip cookies - Compagnon Bakery