Ribs Box (St Louis)


Host a great backyard party with two - 2.75 lbs. of delicious, seasoned, and uncooked St. Louis pork ribs (5.5 lbs. total). They are pre-rubbed with spices, cane sugar, sea salt, natural flavor, garlic, and onion powder. These ribs are so meaty and tender, they will have you coming back for more and more.


~12 servings ($1.66/serving)


  • Produced by Amity Packing
  • Packaged and distributed from Illinois 
  • Comes uncooked and frozen to preserve maximum quality 

Cooking Instructions

Oven: Thaw ribs; preheat oven to 350°F; place on cooking sheet, poke two holes in the top of the cooking bag, and cook 1 hour & 45 minutes; let cool 15 minutes in the bag & enjoy!


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